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MEP Estimates

HVAC Takeoffs, Pipe estimates, Lighting fixtures costs, etc

Civil Estimates

Grading / Excavation Estimates, Backfill Estimates, etc.

Preliminary Estimates

Comprehensive assessments using Prelim Plans, Hand sketches etc.

Commercial Estimates & Takeoffs

All types of commercial projects: Tenant improvement estimates etc

Site Estimates

Tress estimates, Hardscape and Site Estimates, Pipelines bids, etc.

Residential Estimates

All types of residences, Single-Family Home, Private home estimate etc.

Residential Estimates: Estimates with scope summary

All types of residences:  Single-Family Home, Private home estimate, Custom Home estimate, ADU Estimate, Garage Conversion estimate, Basement renovation Estimate, Bathroom renovation estimate, Kitchen renovation estimate, Residential remodel estimate, Residential addition estimate, Second story addition estimate, etc.

Commercial Estimates & Takeoffs: Estimates with scope summary

All types of commercial projects: Tenant improvement estimates, Multi-story building estimate, Multipurpose building estimates, Clubhouse estimates, High rise building estimates, Townhomes estimates, Restaurants Estimation, Food Service Commercial Estimation, Medical Facilities Estimates, Office Building Estimates, Hotels Estimation, Lodging Estimations, Industrial Building Estimates, Sports Facilities Estimates, Large-Scale Institutions Estimation, Bridges Estimates, Building sites Estimates and many more.

Civil Estimates: Estimates with scope summary

Civil Estimates include: Grading / Excavation Estimates, Backfill Estimates, Underpinning estimates, Shoring estimates, SOE Estimates, etc.

Site Estimates: Estimates with scope summary

  • Landscape Estimates: Tress estimates, Shrubs estimates, Ground cover estimates, Rooftop landscape estimates, Grass and lawn estimates, Grass carpet estimates, Ground floor estimates, etc.
  • Hardscape and Site Estimates: Roadways Estimates, Asphalt Estimates, railroads, Curb Estimates, Walkway estimates, Patio estimates, Deck estimates, Stair & Railing estimates, Chimney estimates etc.
  • Utility estimates: Pipelines bids, Utility Estimates, waterworks Estimates, underground pipes estimates, Main lines estimates, Electrical poles, Bollards, etc.

MEP Estimates: Estimates with scope summary

  • Mechanical Estimates: HVAC Takeoffs, Ducts, Diffusers, ATU, Indoor & outdoor units, etc.
  • Plumbing Estimates: Pipe estimates, Gas, VRF, Refringent, Plumbing fixtures estimates, Plumbing hardware estimates
  • Electrical Estimates: Lighting fixtures costs, Power and low voltages, Wire estimates, Feeders and cables, Gear & Panels, Breakers, TRENCHING & BACKFILLING, Fire stopping etc.
  • Fire alarms, security estimates and communication system estimates and takeoffs

Preliminary estimates: Estimates with scope summary

Comprehensive assessments using Prelim Plans, Hand sketches, Pictures, Scope etc.

How We Complete The Projects Scheduling

Scheduling is to create a timeline for the completion of a project. It indicates the period and order of the activities required to construct a building. It deals with the factor of ‘when to do it.

Whether you are constructing a residential project or a large commercial unit, the time in which the Project must be completed must be precisely estimated to have a correct figure of the time and resources required for its completion. Estimation of a construction project is not only limited to the time when the building is under construction. Instead, it involves both the duties carried out before and after the construction of the Project. A correct schedule creates a relationship between time and task and aids the parties involved in the construction process in carrying out their assigned duties on time.

BOQ/SOW (Bill of Quantities/ Schedule of work) provides a breakdown of the project cost against each item provided by the client. This is the most time-consuming method for a quantity surveyor and estimator; hence it is the most expensive.

For developing a schedule, the following things are essential.

  • Outlining the activities
  • Sequencing of activities in proper order
  • Estimation of the resources required for the Project
  • The estimated time required to complete the tasks

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